Opening: Utopia Exists but Now It’s Over

Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 16 - 19

Opening at Stereo Exchange

Owen Paul Armour, Altar from Open Studio, 2023. Foto: ChadPark (@wavefilm)

Opening at Stereo Exchange


Opening: Utopia Exists but Now It’s OverWednesday 29 May 2024 at 16- 19
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The event is in English

At the Art Matter Festival 2024, Stereo Exchange will present an exhibition and open studio of the artist and its artistic director Owen Paul Armour, with new works produced from his transformative residency and exhibition at MMCA Korea 2023, supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
Experience Armour’s pieces, While Standing Up 'Utopia Exists but Now It's Over' / While Laying Down 'We Bury What We Steal', where the ancestral echoes of Neanderthals converge with the modern human. Armour crafts a narrative in mediums that bridge epochs, weaving empathy and despair into tools and weapons, reflecting on current and historical neurodiversity and the fluidity of attention spans against the tapestry of his own life.
The diptych "Confucianism Implies I Talk Too Much" channels stark contrasts which are inspired by the phrase "Cheer up Korea! Have a nice day." Emblazoned on the paper cups at the water cooler in Leeum Museum lobby, this ordinary phrase offering words of encouragement, are recast to confront complacency, merging optimism with the gravity of existence and ways of dealing with internal battles externally.
These compelling works, alongside new sculptural and acoustic installations conceived post-Korea, prove to reveal the deep impact of Owen Paul Armour’s South Korean experiences on his art and life.
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