Sanser & Finanser

Conversations between politicians and artists at the Danish parliament


Sanser & Finanser (Senses & Finances) introduces the artistic approach to politics with a different kind of live events. We bridge the gap between art and politics through inspiring, constructive and personal conversations between politicians and artists. The conversations take place in different parties' group rooms at Christiansborg. Sanser & Finanser is a collaboration between the Bikuben Foundation and Art Matter.
We are facing a time when political craftsmanship requires a completely new approach. Challenges such as the climate crisis, migration, escalating geopolitical conflicts and artificial intelligence cannot be solved with traditional methods. A bridge is needed between politicians and artists to shape the future of society.
The world has become so unpredictable that traditional analysis and numbers are no longer sufficient. There is a lack of essential data, so political decisions should be based more on senses and intuition. Artists have unique expertise in working with sensory and intuitive processes, where it's not just about the measurable, but also about the tangible.
With the project “Sanser & Finanser” we introduce the artistic approach to politics by facilitating inspiring, constructive and personal conversations between artists and politicians. We want to inspire the next generation of decision makers to value the senses as much as the measurable.
The project is a bridge between art and politics, creating a new paradigm for political thinking and action in a world that demands a more nuanced approach.

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